We are open and taking custom orders for summer&fall 2024


Custom Redesign of your Jewellery

Do you have a piece of jewellery that you’d like redesigned?- An heirloom that isn't wearable, an engagement ring that doesn't fit in size or style, or gold or gemstones that you'd like incorporated into a new design?

I'm always happy to discuss the possibilities with you! Contact me or book a design consultation, so that we can discuss the details and take a closer look at your piece to be redesigned.

A few things to note before embarking on the remodeling process:


If your jewellery is made of gold, I'll be able to reuse it or put the value of the gold towards the cost of your final piece.

I accept gold that is 10 karat or higher and it can be yellow, white, or rose gold. I cannot accept chains or any metal other than gold to be melted down.

While it is possible in some cases to use only the materials from your jewellery for the final piece, it's often the case that new material will need to be added.

It’s usually possible to use gemstones from a previous piece of jewellery, however it will depend on the type of stones and their condition. This is something I can determine when we meet for an initial consultation.


It's always helpful to have a budget in mind when commissioning jewellery, since this will help determine the design possibilities for your final piece. 

The custom redesign process is labour intensive, so the cost of the work involved can sometimes be more than the materials provided. This will very much depend on the gold and/or stones involved.

While gold can often be melted down and made into another piece of jewellery, it is a time-consuming process. The repurposing of stones involves the delicate task of removing them from their previous settings, as well as making custom settings for unusually sized stones.

You can choose to either have the gold from your jewellery used in your final piece, or if it doesn't hold sentimental value, I can put the scrap value of your gold towards the price.

I am unable to buy gemstones from you or appraise them, only reuse them in a new piece.

Redesign work begins at $800 for jewellery with gemstones. This includes a consultation, design work and the making process.

I will always give you a quote before beginning work on your final piece. 

Process and Timeline

A good place to begin is with a consultation. You can also contact me with any questions via email.

Once I've taken a look at your existing jewellery and discussed any ideas and parameters you have, as well as your budget, I'll provide you with design drawings via email within 10 days. You will then be able to choose a design or ask for a further design.

Once you've settled on a design, it will take approximately eight weeks to make your final piece of jewellery. This timeline can sometimes be quicker if need be and will be confirmed in consultation with you.

Design Consultation

Book an appointment to discuss your redesign - Samples can be available to help with sizing and material choices. Learn more and book your time