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About Me, Berkeley Brown

Hi! I’m Canadian jewellery designer and goldsmith, Berkeley Brown. My jewellery embodies my love of precision and interaction, combined with my passion for the aesthetics and traditions of baking, cooking, and kitchen implements.

I graduated from NSCAD in 2009 with a major in Jewellery Design and Metalsmithing. I spent 2 years in Scotland after finishing my BFA – where I completed a residency at the Glasgow School of Art, and gained professional experience working for a Scottish jewellery gallery.

I work in my little studio on leafy Agricola Street, in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  I can also be found at NSCADU, where I work as an instructor and technician in the jewellery department.

I make everything by hand at my bench, focusing on the small scale intricacy that metal enables. Necklaces inspired by whisks and spatulas, rings that spin - I leave the practical parts behind and create a whimsical bit of adornment.