Berkeley Brown


A Canadian jewellery designer and goldsmith, Berkeley Brown graduated from NSCAD University in 2009 with a major in jewellery design and metalsmithing. Berkeley’s work is inspired by her love of jewellery’s potential for precise movement and interaction, in combination with an interest in the traditions, passion and aesthetics involved with baking, food preparation and cooking utensils.

Berkeley spent two years in Scotland after finishing her BFA, where she completed an artist in residency at the Glasgow School of Art and gained professional experience in the jewellery industry, working for a local jewellery gallery/designer.

These opportunities gave Berkeley a foundation of practical experience leading workshops and working with a variety of materials and designs. Berkeley is currently working as an independent jeweller in Halifax, Nova Scotia, as well as an instructor and technician in the NSCAD University jewellery department.

 Making everything by hand at her bench, Berkeley works with silver, gold and enamel, focusing on the small scale intricacy that metal enables. Necklaces inspired by whisks and spatulas, along with rings that spin in a way that recalls the motion of whisking, leave the practicalities of the original inspirational form behind, creating whimsical adornment.